Program Overview

TDA Financial Services Insurance Program is a TDA Perks partner whose only business is working with Dentists, their staffs and Dental Students.

The insurance program offers a wide variety of insurance products designed to fit your specific needs. The programs include health insurance and Association discounts on coverages such as long term care, disability, supplemental and malpractice insurance.

We have also created programs with companies like Liberty Mutual to provide you discounted rates on your home and autos, as well as with Higginbotham & Associates, which is one of the 100 biggest agencies in the country for preferred pricing on BOP & Workers Comp coverage. For many of the programs we have negotiated Association discounts on your behalf that can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars over the policy life. The program also has a small group of Contracted Associates that can meet with you personally if you prefer.

Our Associates are held to a high standard of not only service and integrity, but also of insurance product knowledge, so by having your insurance through the Insurance Program or working with one of our Associates, you can get the kind of coverage you need and provide financial support for TDA to continue membership services and activities, including keeping your annual dues down.

We also provide additional support for the TDA, its affiliates and the component societies by participating and sponsoring events for groups like the Alliance of the Texas Dental Association, Healthy Smiles Foundation, Southwest Dental Conference, the Star of South Dental Conference in Houston, and of course the Texas meeting in San Antonio.