Looking for a way to offset High Deductible and Out of Pocket expenses on your Group Health Plan? Consider Supplemental Gap Medical Insurance

Supplemental Gap Medical Insurance

  • Supplemental Gap Medical Insurance is designed to help limit exposure to out-of-pocket medical expenses when the primary health insurance deductible has not been met.
  • As employees shoulder a greater share of healthcare costs, supplemental health benefits can help individuals manage out-of-pocket medical expenses without relying on their savings.
  • 3 affordable plans options to choose from*
  • Only 2 people in group need to enroll*
  • Group Billed but can be employee or employer paid*

Key Features

  • Coverage is provided for most inpatient and outpatient services that are covered by the underlying primary healthcare plan and applied to the deductible or coinsurance provision.
  • Benefits are paid directly to the medical service provider.
  • Claim forms are not necessary in most cases when an assignment of benefits exists.
  • Employers can choose a variety of coverage options. Inpatient and outpatient benefits can be different, or a combined benefit covering both inpatient and outpatient benefits can be requested. Deductibles can be added to the plan to manage premium costs.
  • Plans can also include benefits for doctor’s office visits.
  • Employer-paid, voluntary, and dependent buy-up options are available. Monthly premiums can be based on the employee’s attained age or a composite rating for the group can be provided.
  • Coverage can be configured to be compatible with high-deductible health plans using health savings accounts.

By offering Supplemental Gap Medical Insurance, the practice can:

Recruit new employees and retain top talent.

Decrease the cost of health care expenses by selecting higher-deductible plans and supplementing with Gap Medical Insurance.

* You must be covered under an ACA compliant Group Health to have this plan

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