Voluntary insurance plans typically pays a cash benefit to the insured, unless otherwise assigned. The amount of cash and how it is paid out depends on the voluntary health insurance policy.

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Two of the more popular voluntary insurance policies are specified-disease insurance (such as cancer) and accident insurance.

  • Specified-Disease Insurance: This type of voluntary insurance provides a cash benefit paid directly to you if you require treatment for a specific disease such as cancer. Usually the benefit is paid per day or per procedure. There is usually a maximum daily benefit and a policy maximum. The cash benefits can be spent in any way you choose and getting your benefit has nothing to do with how much your major medical insurance pay for medical cost.
  • Accident Insurance: This type of voluntary insurance typically helps reimburse you for medical cost resulting from accidents. Some accident policies include benefits that are paid if you die (to your beneficiaries) or are disabled due to a specific accident outlined in the policy. Premiums are competitive, and no medical exam is required. Accidents can include car accidents and accidents in the home or at your job.

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