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There are a number of reasons to choose MedPro. Your career is the best one.

Choosing professional liability coverage is one of the most important decisions a dentist makes during his or her career.

Yet, many dentists settle for lesser coverage without understanding the major factors that truly define quality and value. Take the time now to identify and choose the strongest defense available to you, because it may be too late when your reputation and assets are on the line.

Stability Since 1899

MedPro is the leader in dental malpractice insurance and the company that was first involved when malpractice allegations were becoming prevalent more than a century ago. MedPro has been defending the reputations and assets of dentists since 1899, and will continue to do so for years to come.

Our unwavering commitment to the dental profession has helped us grow into the nation’s largest and strongest dental malpractice company.

Financial Strength

As a member of the Berkshire Hathaway company, MedPro has earned the highest rating for financial strength in the entire healthcare malpractice industry: A++ from A.M. Best. This means MedPro will be here no matter the frequency and severity of malpractice claims across the country. It also means MedPro has the ability to hire the best defense attorneys across the country to fight for your reputation. Ultimately, if a claim needs to be paid on your behalf, MedPro will be able to make sure your assets and reputation are protected.

Coverage Options

Our financial strength and commitment to dentists gives us the ability to offer both occurrence and claims-made policies. Ask other companies if they can provide you with an occurrence quote.

Pure Consent to Settle

MedPro’s consent to settle provision reads: “We will not compromise any claim hereunder without the consent of the insured.” That’s it. No insurance talk.

Exceptional Risk Management

MedPro recognizes that the best claim defense is the lawsuit you never see. As such, MedPro offers continuing education courses and premium credit opportunities, as well as an industry-leading risk management team that is eager and able to answer your day-to-day questions or help talk you through a real-time stressful situation while a patient waits in your chair.

Most Proactive and Winning Claims Defense

MedPro decided long ago not to save pennies at the expense of providing the best defense to our insureds. We utilize the most proactive and winning defense attorneys and the most qualified expert witnesses nationwide. Each claim is managed by one of our expert claims managers whose average experience spans nearly 25 years in the industry and over 4,000 cases managed, giving them a thorough knowledge of how to navigate even the most challenging claims.

Dental Specialty Advisory Board

MedPro has brought together leading dentists, dental specialists, and oral and maxillofacial surgeons to create an expert advisory board, which continues to ensure our claims defense, risk management, and underwriting remain at the forefront of the evolving field of dentistry.

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